All ticket sales are final. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances because regardless of the weather, event must pay expenses such as rent, insurance, infrastructure etc. These payments must be made regardless of the weather. As such, while event cannot offer refunds an exchange will be offered should an event be postponed. If balloons cannot be displayed for any reason, admission tickets can be used on remaining days of festival but will not be transferred to other events. If tethered rides cannot take place, tethered rides CAN be transferred to other events but new admission tickets will be required. Event promoter makes the commitment to postpone event day or days if the weather looks like balloon activity will not take place due to severe weather in an effort to save guests travel expenses. Should conditions be marginal, our balloon teams will wait out the weather to give every possible effort to inflate balloons. Please follow Facebook event (find it at and click "events" tab) to get ltest event and weather information. All guests should check this page prior to travelling to the event.